Code of Behaviour

The role of the client

Our law firm depends on satisfied clients, because they are the source for our firm's profits. Our clients are a vital part of our law firm. We are grateful to our clients for being allowed to work for them. It is within the remit of every member of staff to convince our clients about our law firm. We listen to our clients, strive to understand them and communicate precisely with them.

The aim of our work

The aim of our work is to help other people. We make life easier for them in those areas in which we are experts.

Our staff

We are competent, flexible and industrious staff with a keen interest in the industries we serve. The relationship between staff and clients is characterised by friendliness, politeness, reliability, punctuality, promptitude and helpfulness. The management expects from us a high degree of initiative and proactive behaviour.

Golden rule

In dealings with a client, co-worker or supplier, always do what is right in the appropriate situation.


Honesty is very important for us. When we make a promise, we are committed to keeping it.

Processes and workflows

Processes and workflows should be simple, clear, robust and orderly.

Line management

We focus on ensuring that all posts are clearly defined in our line management structure. Instructions, praise and criticism must be clear and precise.

Personal development

We encourage staff to develop their expertise and general knowledge, and acquire further expertise in specific fields. We also encourage staff to develop their supervisory and management skills. Discipline must be developed by every member of staff individually.


We promote staff on the basis of their achievements as per the possibilities within the law firm. Key factors for promotion are suitability, personal commitment, expertise and the ability to successfully deliver completed tasks.


We aim to be a profitable quality organization. We are proud of our achievements and our good work. We rectify any faults as quickly as possible. We strive to maintain and improve our quality.


One of the key performance indicators for our success is profit. Our law firm needs profits for sound growth and to protect our workplaces. The managing directors of the company invest in our law firm so that it can generate profits. Every member of staff has a duty to play their part in making a profit.


We are committed to protecting the environment in harmony with the statutory provisions applicable for us.


We do not criticise our competitors in public. We sell our services by focusing on the positive aspects of our own work. We deal fairly with our competitors and only collect information on them and analyse them in legally acceptable ways.